What a picture is worth

“When am I going to see photos of you water-skiing on dolphins?!  All you ever send me are photos of poverty-stricken third-world nations!” exclaimed my exasperated, never politically-correct father at dinner one night. … Continue reading

Today’s Dolphin Sighting, Bigfoot, and Mitch Hedberg

“I think Bigfoot is blurry. That’s the problem. It’s not the photographers fault.” – Mitch Hedberg. This was a tough one – wind, rain, big chop and waves. On a tiny boat with no… Continue reading

On being burned out

“Going to the field!” – normally, that phrase makes me giddy with excitement.  The chaos of pre-field preparations is made manageable by my eager anticipation of the Next Adventure.  I’ll put on my… Continue reading

License and Registration, please. PLEASE!

Note: I’m writing this as an ecologist with limited experience studying and understanding the governance of resources.  This is not meant to be authoritative, but rather, is based on my impressions.  Please let… Continue reading

Fishing Bycatch of Terrestrial Megafauna Observed

The bycatch problem extends further than we’d thought… In Paco Beach, Pulupandan, Negros Occ., Philippines.

Waddies in the News…and associated musings.

Irrawaddy dolphins.  They’re cute.  I will admit, I have daydreamed about watching one dance with a top-hat and bow tie, and about cuddling one.  (I often work without enough sleep). So, with their charismatic… Continue reading

Guimaras Megafauna Tales

Fieldwork in Guimaras has been…completed.  Now in the big city across the Guimaras Strait, Bacolod, preparing for round 3 of Philippines fieldwork. Enjoying a hotel room with wifi, cable, and hot water… Through our… Continue reading

Have you seen this dolphin?

Prelude, or: I need more sleep. I knew this dame would be trouble the moment she walked in.   She has “field researcher” written all over her, like sloppy scribbles in a Rite in… Continue reading

Let’s start at the very beginning.

Two important, if not gripping, first steps (a very good place to start): (1) Visiting the local fisheries office to scan any reports and references that I can’t find elsewhere.  The office in… Continue reading

Traveling Field Station

Photos from our trek from Malampaya Sound to my second site in Guimaras. What it’s like to travel with: 1 dolphin costume, 2 camera cases, 1 hydrophone, 1 portable scanner, several fieldbooks, 4… Continue reading