9 Months to Photograph Dolphins & Talk to Fishers

I’m sitting in a cafe in Makati City, Manila.  It’s my second day of a 9.5-month visit to the Philippines, where I will be conducting the bulk of my dissertation research (see “About”).  The next week or so will be consumed by travel to my field site (heavy bags of equipment in tow), courtesy calls to various institutions, meetings with collaborators, and catching up on other work-related loose ends that did not get taken care of before I left San Diego.

I will also be planning out my field schedule in greater detail, including time for training my field assistants and translating my questionnaires.  Though 9.5 months seems long, it seems like a paltry amount of time when I consider all of the fieldwork I hope to accomplish.  This work is being funded by the Fulbright U.S. Students Program, the National Geographic Society-Waitt Grants Program, and the Friends of the UCSD International Center; it’s an incredible honor to be supported by these organizations.

This blog aims to provide information about my research, from the more “scholarly” theories underlying this work to my practical, real-life experiences related to my fieldwork.  I also have a more casual, personal blog about my adventures at Ravoravo Roving Ramblings that you should feel free to peruse if you feel so motivated.