No to Mining in Palawan

I am so lucky that I’m doing research on Palawan – one of the most beautiful and unexplored islands of the Philippines, with fantastic (and likely largely undocumented) diversity of life in its forests and waters.  It’s been called “the Last Frontier” of the Philippines, but the threat of destructive mining has been hanging over Palawan for decades now.  The “No to Mining in Palawan” campaign is a recent effort of environmentalists and local communities in this continuous battle against the overexploitation of Palawan’s natural resources.

If you could take a minute (less than a minute, actually) to sign the petition linked below, you could help show that people around the world value Palawan’s biodiversity and people:

“The campaign aims to raise ten million signatures to deliver a strong message to the Philippine and Palawan governments so that they would finally say no to mining in Palawan and help protect one of the Philippines’ last remaining treasures.”