Generous support has allowed me to pursue my research interests, and I am incredibly grateful for the faith that my funding sources have demonstrated in my research ideas.

Currently, my fieldwork is being funded by the Fulbright U.S. Students Program (for the Philippines), the National Geographic Society-Waitt Grants Program, and the Friends of the UCSD International Center’s Ruth Newmark Scholarship.

Future research in Thailand and Indonesia will be supported by the Artisanal Fisheries Research Network‘s project, “Coordinating Research for Sustaining Artisanal Fisheries”, funded by the Waitt Foundation.

Previous research during my PhD has been supported by the Mia J. Tegner Fellowship (Philippines, Indonesia), the Friends of the UCSD International Center (Philippines, Indonesia), the SIO Graduate Office (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand), and the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZ) (through my collaboration with Dr. Louella Dolar, Philippines).

I have also received research support and stipend from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship (supporting research in the Philippines) and the NSF Integrative Graduate Education & Research Training (IGERT) program at the Center for Marine Biodiversity & Conservation at SIO (supporting research internships in Peru, the Philippines, and Madagascar).  The Duff Fellowship and the San Diego Diversity fellowship supported my stipend during my first two years, as well.

This research is relatively low-budget, “muddy boots” work, and I strive to ensure that this funding yields quality information that contributes to conservation.  It has allowed me to explore my research ideas independently, contributing significantly to my development as a field researcher.  It has also helped me support local field assistants, who not only have a source of income through my fieldwork, but also are trained in the various research methods that I use.  Future community outreach and education efforts will also be supported by my current funds.

So, I’d like to thank all of my funding sources for their support. Maraming salamat po – Kapkun ka – Terima kasih – Muchas gracias – Misaotra betsoka!