Presenting field site #2: The land of mangoes

Arrived on the island of Guimaras last week, for a month of fieldwork here in the mango capital of the Philippines.   It’s the second place in the Philippines where Irrawaddy dolphins have been… Continue reading

Intrepid researcher foiled by microscopic beings.

This is the first time I’ve been able to sit up for more than 2 minutes in the past 2 days.  My head is still too woozy to focus on anything of consequence.… Continue reading

Tiny steps outside of the ivory tower

I’ve become frustrated with how removed “conservation science” often is from actual conservation.  This applies to my own research as much as to the field in general – I realize that, in my… Continue reading

Rollin’ on the Mahakam River

“…She is from California, America.  Her mother is Japanese, her father is Irish, and they live in America now.  She does not have children yet,” Raini explained to the group of lounging fishers. … Continue reading

3 Months in Review

281 household interviews. 54 dolphin sightings. (Despite numerous typhoons and monsoon weather). 12 key informant interviews. 4 outreach programs. (photos from the 3rd & 4th here). 3 months. It’s been a great, inspirational… Continue reading

Waiting for Putol

So, I tried to make that a play on “Waiting for Godot”…not sure if that came through. Anyway. What is Putol? Putol is (or…was) one of the Irrawaddy dolphins here in Malampaya Sound.… Continue reading

Back it up back it up

Just a reminder: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA. Surviving a hostel fire that obliterated my room in Malaysia back in February has made me forever fearful of leaving all of my data in… Continue reading

Shake flippers with Waddy

(photos here) “WADDY!!!!!” exclaimed Ely grandly, in his resonant presenter’s voice.  The stage-front crowd looked expectantly at the walkway. Nothing. “Waddy?!…Waddy…WADDY…where are you?” Finally, I saw Archie (a new field assistant) slowly emerge,… Continue reading

Candy for Conservation

Our first outreach event was at the Old Guinlo fiesta last month (I’d posted photos here, along with those of Waddy’s journey from WWF Philippines’ office in Puerto).  It was an informal affair,… Continue reading

Dead Sea Turtle, Ho!

Photos here While on survey today, I spotted something large and white bobbing up and down in the water. So did Cristela, the other dolphin observer for that shift.  We both assumed it… Continue reading