The Return of Waddy, the Giant Dolphin

(outreach photos here) I stared at him, dismayed and suprised and unsure of what to say or do next.  He stared back, unsympathetic, with a vacant smile and beady little eyes set on… Continue reading

I like dolphins…

(photos here) My advisor told me, early on in grad school, to guard myself from being labeled a “dolphin hugger”. It seems that those of us who wish to learn the ways of… Continue reading

No to Mining in Palawan

I am so lucky that I’m doing research on Palawan – one of the most beautiful and unexplored islands of the Philippines, with fantastic (and likely largely undocumented) diversity of life in its… Continue reading

The people of the “Fish Bowl”

Malampaya Sound, where I’ll be working for the next 6 months, has been called the “fish bowl” of the Philippines.  It’s a rich fishing ground, and contributes significantly to the marine exports of the province… Continue reading

Peru: Sea turtle bycatch, Conservation, & Communities

Pro Delphinus is a fantastic marine conservation NGO in Peru, run by Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto and Jeff Mangel.  They do rigorous scientific research coupled with active outreach and community involvement in a variety of projects.  A… Continue reading

Expedition!…in the office…

Fieldwork.  That word can conjure up images of adventures outside, of jungle treks and boat rides and binoculars and GPS units and the like, of wildlife encounters and conversations wiith locals – all… Continue reading

Presenting…Irrawaddy dolphins

…or, as some of us affectionately call them, the “waddies”. Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) are a relatively little-studied species of dolphin that is distributed patchily around Southeast Asia.  They occur in riverine, estuarine,… Continue reading

9 Months to Photograph Dolphins & Talk to Fishers

I’m sitting in a cafe in Makati City, Manila.  It’s my second day of a 9.5-month visit to the Philippines, where I will be conducting the bulk of my dissertation research (see “About”).  The… Continue reading